Friday, December 8, 2017

Celebration day information.

Welcome bloggers, this is Faidhi if you didn't know.

So last week I created a blog post about the process of the Celebration day soap, Now, I'll tell
more about the gala day. So the gala day was at the 25th of November and was at 10:30 AM.
There was a variety of fun things like cultural performances, games and stalls etc. I was dancing the
Samoan performance, it was really cool. After the Gala/Celebration day, we were given a task to describe the gala day by using the De Bono thinking hats. We had to answer a range of questions about how you feel, was it successful? etc

Here is what I've done.

Some things that were hard was that the soap, it took time so I had to be

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Hi there bloggers.
For our inquiry project for 3 terms, it's not what you think it is .
We had to make soap, by mixing in a whole variety of ingredients (e.g. glycerine, Shea butter etc)
We also made them from grating mandarins and lemons and other natural ingredients to make the soap economical.
We also had to advertise the soap like make posters and create a digital one
to present at the Waikowhai Gala day. Just so you know the Waikowhai gala day is where students are going to sell
a variety of items and other things (e.g. Food, games etc). We are having the Gala day because we wanted to fix the junior playground.
We finally had to sort the packaging of the soap by using shells instead of your everyday cardboard
The easy part of all this process is that it was pretty easy drawing posters and making soap 
etc. The most challenging part is that it took a lot of time and I was a little impatient.
here are some photos Mr Ross took.

  Here is what is what it looks like
when we sell it on the Gala.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Hello there bloggers,

Its been almost the end of the year, So lets move on. There was a lady that introduced us to the summer learning program. I did I task and it said that I mus choose one country. I dont have time to explain what the program is but let's move on

1. Because I was born from the country.
2.Because it has interesting culture

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Faidhi's math slide (Full version)

We all know that 2 - 3 weeks ago that I did a similar post\
 but didn't present you the whole slide, but this time, I'll show you. So for the last two weeks, I explained you how my NZ journey works and how you manage thing,
 so I don't need to explain it. If you know how I did it, go check out my latest blog post before
this. So I decided to show you the whole slide for you to see what I did and how much I spent etc.
I learned that I had to be patient so I could finish my work and also that It was not a competition to get 1st to finish.
Feel free to comment about what you think of my work.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Faidhi's math slide

Hello bloggers, It's a new term and this is my first term 4 blog post.  On term 4 day 2, Mr Ross set a maths task not like any other. We had to complete a maths slide that involves lots of math. We had to pretend we were adults because we had to book planes, hire cars, save money etc. We started to ride a plane to Dunedin. We had to travel all the way to the top of NZ, Cape reinga. I thought this was going to be really hard but it was pretty easy. It was easy doing the math, but it took a lot of time. It took me three days to finish and I had some friends to help me.... like they would say what they recommend. This is a screenshot to give you a hint what I've  been doing.

We had budget of 500 $ and we had to pay below 500 $ a day. I was over budgeting because I really liked the fun activities.

 I chose air NZ because it was cheaper and I needed to save my money.

  I chose they expensive one because I knew I needed to go expensive at one point. I chose the cheap one because I would not want to spend tooo much.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Cyber smart My Maps

Hello there bloggers, This week for cyber smart again, Gerhard taught us something that the year six's already knew. He taught us how to use google maps. He set out a task to pick locations about where our school is and where other schools in digital learning clusters are. We also had to pick locations where our family was born and the locations of visitors to our blog from 5 countries. This task was challenging because it cost us a lot of time and we had to search up the places. Another thing that was challenging was that we had little time after the last session of taekwondo. The last thing is that all the clusters apart from the Ako Hiko program, such as the Manaiakalani program, had hard names. There are 4 programs apart from Ako Hiko and we had to pick one school in each program to map. At the end of the day, I'm glad that I completed this because this has got to be one of the hardest cyber smart tasks that I have ever done. 

By the way, it's my last blog post of term 3. Happy holidays!

Check out  my map below to see the connections I've made with my blog.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cross Country

Hello there bloggers.
This week on Tuesday, the most ridiculous event just happened.
The event was a running event and it was called cross country.
We actually didn't cross the country but I didn't know what the name meant.
Anyway, the whole school had to split into their year groups like year 6's, 4's etc.
We had to run like about 1 kilometre or maybe 2 but it was so tiring.
After the run, the teachers ran a bake sale and anyone who had money could buy a
cookie or a cake and the price to buy it would be cheap.
I still wonder would it be tiring if we did 5 kilometres or would we still be

These is some of the photos that the teachers took.

Overall cross country was hard, but it was also
really cool because I can't believe that I could complete a 2 kilometre course.