Friday, September 29, 2017

Cyber smart My Maps

Hello there bloggers, This week for cyber smart again, Gerhard taught us something that the year six's already knew. He taught us how to use google maps. He set out a task to pick locations about where our school is and where other schools in digital learning clusters are. We also had to pick locations where our family was born and the locations of visitors to our blog from 5 countries. This task was challenging because it cost us a lot of time and we had to search up the places. Another thing that was challenging was that we had little time after the last session of taekwondo. The last thing is that all the clusters apart from the Ako Hiko program, such as the Manaiakalani program, had hard names. There are 4 programs apart from Ako Hiko and we had to pick one school in each program to map. At the end of the day, I'm glad that I completed this because this has got to be one of the hardest cyber smart tasks that I have ever done. 

By the way, it's my last blog post of term 3. Happy holidays!

Check out  my map below to see the connections I've made with my blog.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cross Country

Hello there bloggers.
This week on Tuesday, the most ridiculous event just happened.
The event was a running event and it was called cross country.
We actually didn't cross the country but I didn't know what the name meant.
Anyway, the whole school had to split into their year groups like year 6's, 4's etc.
We had to run like about 1 kilometre or maybe 2 but it was so tiring.
After the run, the teachers ran a bake sale and anyone who had money could buy a
cookie or a cake and the price to buy it would be cheap.
I still wonder would it be tiring if we did 5 kilometres or would we still be

These is some of the photos that the teachers took.

Overall cross country was hard, but it was also
really cool because I can't believe that I could complete a 2 kilometre course.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The crazy science show

This week, the whole Waikowhai Primary school assembled in the school hall.

The reason we did it is because there was a event called the crazy science show.
The show was actually really crazy because there was some amazing tricks that combined science and magic.
There was a girl and a boy, the girl was called Robbin and she did the sound affects as we watched the show. The boy was called Richard and he did the crazy experiments. The most interesting thing about the show that he was explaining about oxygen and how do you make fire. Another thing I found interesting was that the thinnest object in the world was the bubble and we can still see it!! I was amazed by the one trick he did,
he had a hairdryer, than he held it vertically and turned it on, he then placed a ping pong on the hairdryer and it floated to the air! It floated because the fast moving air pulls it up while gravity pulls it down. I still wonder if there was no oxygen on Earth, would we live, or would we die. I learned that if you mix chemicals there are called a chemical reaction and it creates something. I also wanted it to last the whole block because I wanted to learn more

Overall the science show so far was the best event I had in 2017 and the funniest.

Friday, September 8, 2017

My Pepeha

Hello bloggers, this week after we went to camp, all three Te Waka Ako classes needed to finish our camp poems and our Pepeha. We started both of these the week before camp and most people didn't manage to finish it. We did our camp poems like this, we had to write your own poem about camps like in the mountains, forests etc. If we finished that, you had to draw a setting that is related to the poem and you need to write the poem inside the drawing. After you finished the good copy, you move on to your Pepeha.
     This was the hardest part, because you needed to choose a tukutuku pattern and you have to copy it in paper. Then, you needed to draw a box in the middle and you had to identify yourself like whats your name and where do you live etc
This was my Pepeha

I am so relieved to get both of the poem and the Pepeha done because to get both of them finished,
it was hard work.

Friday, September 1, 2017


Hello there bloggers, last week while I was away from school, Me and almost all the students 
from Te Waka Ako drove a trip to Mount Ruapehu.
We made a stop at Hamilton Gardens and we did a competition where
you had to find a place where it says on the paper. My colour group ( Pink ) won the competition and the prize is a chocolate bar where I ate later at Otorohanga. We did another challenge that we will be given another sheet of paper and it will tell questions and we had to solve them. So we walked at the Sir Edmund Hillary walkway.
There were lots of boards and it shows us the famous things of NZ (e.g weet-bix, All blacks) . On the mountain, in the first day, There was a very long queue, so I had to wait a long time to get my boots, skis and poles, when I got all three gears, there was a lesson about how to stop on your skis. It wasn't my best day because I fell down alot and I felt like I wanted
to quit. But when I went to Happy Valley, I was having fun by doing things freely and I got to the cafe whenever I wanted to. When we finished camp, we did a digital camp booklet that we had to complete,
it was about how are you feeling after the trip, drawing of my adventure etc  
This was my digital booklet.
 Overall camp was amazing, I had fun at the mountain and I would like to go there

Friday, August 18, 2017

Tae kwon do

Hello bloggers, this week at Thursday 17th August, Waitemata did a program on tae kwon do.
 The tae kwon do program started on week 1 but that time, it was on Wednesday. On week 2, we did a competition known as the power punch competition. It was about how you had to punch an empty bag and we did two competitions. It was about who punches and lands the furtherest and who slides the furtherest. 
The next week, we did a warm up about relays, we had to stay into 5 groups, then we had to do push ups 5 times and we had to tag the next person. After that, we did the scissor kick competition. The tae kwon do teacher held an empty bag above our height and we had to scissor kick it. You kick it too low, you are out.
I think it was fun because I had never done that before. Here are some photos about the relay practice.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Commenting a good comment

Hello bloggers, this week for cyber smart, Gerard set us a task to make a good comment. We practised in a commenting template, we wrote about positive, thoughtful and helpful thoughts. We also did a question one where we have to write a question. I looked at room 9 May road school and I screenshot-ed their blog post about the cook islands national anthem. This was my work. I found this easy because I knew what class to pick.